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Not sure where to start? Click on the "resume samples" icon at the bottom left below to access recommended resume templates to format your own resume. See the "CTU Sample Templates" category for our developed samples, organized by experience level. Use the "CTU Cover Letter Guide" under the "Letter Samples" icon for help creating a cover letter.
  • Having trouble creating accomplishment statements for your resume? View our guide here.
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  • Want to review some important keywords of your program and see example qualification statements for your resume? Click here!
  • Worried your resume is entering the "black hole" of online applications? Click here to learn more about applicant tracking systems and how to get your resume through the process more effectively.
  • Want more help? Watch the archive of our Part 1 resume writing webinar, "Crafting Your Resume: Essential Elements."  Find it at: Virtual Campus >> Virtual Commons >> Clubs >> Career Services Events and Networking Club - Click on the date of the event you wish to watch on the calendar in the "Events" tab.
  • Watch Part 2: Developing Your Resume, Beyond the Essentials:
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