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Welcome, CTU Employers!
Colorado Technical University Campus Locations

Technology brings us together; Geography keeps us unique!
Click on any of the cities on the map below to learn more about our distinctive campus communities.

Thank you for your interest in recruiting Colorado Technical University students and graduates. Since 1965, Colorado Technical University has aimed to meet the needs of industry for highly qualified professionals. We educate at the Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral levels and we are eager to assist the employers of our graduates by, among other things, providing state-of-the-art online recruiting services. Among other features, offers:

  • Unlimited, free 30-, 60- or 90-day Job Campaigns that can be targeted using criteria such as field of study, degree level, location preference, etc.
  • Applicant screening via videoconference. Invite job applicants to respond to text interview questions or schedule a live videoconference with any applicant.
  • Tools to build your brand or organization. Drive your logo and corporate information to key target audiences using the Opportunity Dashboard®

Please contact a CTU Career Services representative on any of our six physical campus locations, or via our award-winning Virtual Campus, for further information on recruiting Colorado Technical University students and graduates.